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For the Preservation of all things I H.
The International Harvester Club was established in 2003 primarily for the residents of Australia and New Zealand. 
It all began in October 2002 after the 20th and final reunion of past employees of the Company's Geelong Plant.  The Plant operated at North Shore from 1939 to 1982.
Some 23 people attended a steering meeting at the Geelong Showgrounds in December 2002, to cater for the growing number of enthusiasts who continue to hold an interest in the Company, its fascinating history and its diverse range of products.
As a result this Club was founded in February 2003. 
   Life Members.
  2019.    Eric Larson      
  2021.    Keith Cowland
   Committee of Management. 21st March 2021
   President.                                             Keith Cowland
   Vice President .                                    Andrew Harvey 
   Secretary, Membership Officer.           Alan Billing     
   Treasurer                                              Maree Larson 
  Committee Members.         
  Eric Larsen, Harvey Don,Graham Darnell, 
  Ken Galloway, Frank Vella & Bill Pell.
   General Meeting.
   To be held at the Clubrooms commencing at 7.30pm
   on the 14th January 2022.
    To attend this meeting , you must be double vacinated
    as per COVID regulations.
   A declaration is to be signed for entry.
   Geelong Classic Truck & Vintage Machinery Show.
   15th & 16th January 2022.
   International Harvester Club of Australia Inc. are a major supporter
   of this rally, our clubrooms will be open .
   Members and friends are very welcome to support this rally by
   bringing along your exhibits, tractors, trucks, implements,
   memorabilia or any other item to display in or  outside the clubrooms.
   Apologies for the short notification time.
  Covid regulations must be followed.
        The 8th NHMA National Tractor Trek has been posponed until 30th September -3rd October 2022.
     For all other events, please check if unsure as COVID
     restrictions must be followed.
        Visit to Garnock Store & Museum scheduled fornthe 2nd October 2021 has been postponed and will            be reviewed early in 2022.
       Visit to Whittlesea in November 2021
      Reviewed in early 2022.

    28th November 2021.
    Media & Web Site Manager,
     Keith Cowland 0418 329 778