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For the Preservation of all things I H.
The International Harvester Club was established in 2003 primarily for the residents of Australia and New Zealand.   It all began in October 2002 after the 20th and final reunion of past employees of the Company's Geelong Plant.  The Plant operated at North Shore from 1939 to 1982.
Some 23 people attended a steering meeting at the Geelong Showgrounds in December 2002, to cater for the growing number of enthusiasts who continue to hold an interest in the Company, its fascinating history and its diverse range of products.
As a result this Club was founded in February 2003. 
   Life Members.
  2019.    Eric Larson  (10-11-1937 - 31-05-2023)    
  2021.    Keith Cowland
   Committee of Management. 16th of  March 2024
   President.                                             Andrew Harvey
   Vice President .                                   Keith Cowland
                                                                0418 329 778
   Secretary, Membership Officer.        Damion Liston
   Treasurer                                              Maree Larson 
  Committee Members.         
  Pat O'Keeffe,  Alan Billing,  Ken Galloway,
  Frank Vella and Charles Vella

  18th of May 2024.  General  Meeting at the
Clubrooms,   commencing at 1pm.  

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