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International Harvester Club of Australia inc. (A 0044258 Y)
Provision has now been made for enthusiasts with a common interest, to restore & preserve wherever possible,  all products and memorabilia of the International Harvester Company in this part of the world.  Today the IH Club boasts a membership, inclusive of partners that is fast approaching 1000 and is run by a Board of ten members, an Editor plus Librarians, State area Co-ordinators and representatives in various countries throughout  the  world.   

A 20 page colour magazine is produced bi-monthly and mailed to each member.  This includes stories and photographs on all McCormick and IH products since Cyrus McCormick invented his revolutionary Reaper in 1853.  Historical IH worldwide events, as well as items of interest from Geelong Tractor and Farm Implement plus the Dandenong Truck Manufacturing Plants are also featured in the magazine.  Contributions from local and country Members, plus articles and stories from former employees are always sought by our Editor.

The Club holds bi-monthly meetings in its Clubrooms at the Royal Geelong Showgrounds at 7.30 pm. on the 3rd Friday in the month.  Ladies are encouraged to attend and visitors are always welcome.  Meetings include either  a guest speaker, video / DVD shows, demonstrations or a variety of memorabilia displays.  The Club has now established its own carpeted Clubrooms at the Showgrounds which includes projection and demonstration facilities plus a secure, fireproof library and a room for General and Board meetings and storage of memorabilia.
Enquiries about the Club can be made by contacting: 
 Keith Cowland on 0418 329 778.       email